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 “SPS students are groundbreakers…”: Wake SPS Faculty Celebrates Graduate Students 


At the end of every academic year, students are asked to evaluate their instructors. But, outside of final papers and grades, how often do faculty members give feedback on their students?! 

In celebration of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, we’re flipping the script – we asked faculty members across our various certificate and masters programs to tell us some of their favorite things they appreciate and respect about the graduate students in their classes. 

Here’s what they said: 

“SPS students in FAH 714 are passionate about making our communities more equitable. They inspire me and share wisdom in ways that elevate our learning and deepen our capacity to make a difference.” – Faith & Health Equity graduate certificate faculty member

“SPS students are groundbreakers, ready to take on challenges across disciplines and fields. They are driven, balanced, and motivated. They represent Wake Forest to the fullest by demonstrating leadership to make positive change.”  – Academic Director for Curriculum & Instruction master’s degree program

“I love SPS students’ energetic determination to succeed; their openness to learn and be influenced in a new way; their diversity in bringing discussions to a new level; and I love seeing them shine, with a level of confidence that states ‘I can do this!!’” – Academic Director for Health Informatics masters degree program

“Wake SPS students are enthusiastic, committed, and paving the way in higher ed. I am constantly impressed by their ability to juggle all of their commitments as well as bring their whole selves to the classroom. We have a great community!”- Academic Director for Project Management masters and graduate certificate programs

“I love how our students are eager to learn more about their particular field of work in most cases to advance their careers or make themselves more marketable for their future. I also love how we have students coming from different backgrounds to get their Master’s in a different area to enhance their knowledge in a new area or make a pivot or change of direction in their careers.” – Student Success Manager

“I love that our students show me over and over again that they can succeed in this program if they want to – REGARDLESS of their age, first degree, personal background and professional experience. This makes me really happy as an instructor.” – Faculty member, Project Management

“I love getting to know and work with each of our graduate students. It is inspiring to see them working hard to meet their next educational goal.”  – Student Success Manager

“I appreciate our students’ fortitude! Their spirit to continue the journey despite unexpected challenges or obstacles! Go Deacs!” – SPS Director, Financial Aid

“I appreciate that my students, who are early in their progress in the Curriculum & Instruction Master’s Degree program, are committed professionals who are passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences for students and dedicated to their own growth and development as emerging leaders in the education field. They are collaborative, eager, and enthusiastic lifelong learners!”- Faculty member, Curriculum & Instruction

“I appreciate the high level of motivation and professionalism that our students display in pursuit of their academic goals. Our students personally motivate and inspire me when I am able to observe their exceptional time management skills and their natural ability to effectively balance family, career, higher education, and life so very seamlessly when we converse.” – Student Success Manager

“The thing I love most about working with our SPS students is how collaborative they are. From the first phone call or email, to the Admissions interview, the students are willing to share their story, and open to partnering with me to take the next steps in their academic and professional careers. As I learn about the students, and they learn about SPS, I am offered the unique and special opportunity to play a part in the “next chapter”, whether it’s applying to Graduate School, registering for the next round of classes, or connecting them with somebody who can lend a hand if they need help. Seeing the students further connect and engage in much the same way with faculty and fellow students is amazing to experience, too, as right before our eyes we can witness SPS growing, thanks in part to the students helping to shape our classes and programs. When our students are excited and prospering, we feel the same as Student Success Managers, and it’s a priceless feeling!”- Student Success Manager

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