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Wake Forest SPS Program Coordinator Shares a Heartwarming Transformation for her Foster (now FUR-ever) Great Dane

Lindsey Avery and her two great danesLindsey Sing Avery has always loved Great Danes. 

Avery, who works as Program Coordinator for Wake Forest University School of Professional Studies, grew up in a home with a variety of animals – from small dogs to ‘lots’ of parrots. Yet, never a Great Dane. 

“I always wanted one, so when my husband and I got engaged, we finally adopted a Great Dane puppy,” she says. 

While living in Raleigh, the couple adopted eight-week old Pongo in September 2016. Today, that pup is almost seven years old – and 160 pounds. “I look at pictures now, and I cannot believe how big he is, compared to how little he was when he came home,” Avery says with a laugh. 

Avery and her husband, Mike, moved to Charlotte in 2017. They attended a local Beer Bourbon and BBQ Festival where they saw a Great Dane Rescue booth. Avery, now an active Great Dane pet parent, was interested in helping with the rescue effort. 

Today, she’s an active volunteer with Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love, educating families on the breed, conducting interviews with potential adopters, and transporting Great Danes to foster homes while they wait for forever families. The application and adoption process is thorough from a vet check to the first phone interview to a home visit. 

One special rescue foster Dane found his forever home with Avery, her husband, and Pongo. 

The foster dog, now named Quasi – short for Quasimodo – came to Avery in bad shape from head to tail, quite literally. Both of his eyes as his tail needed medical attention and surgery. He had been rescued from the side of the road, emaciated. To make matters worse, his head was lopsided, from what Avery can only assume was a hit to the head. The timid Quasi needed love physically and emotionally.

Three years later, Quasi is a transformed Dane. He has fully recovered physically; he loves people and loves attention – Avery says he’s even more social now than his brother, Pongo. Quasi also loves a good snuggle. “He’s just a happy, confident dog now,” says Avery. “Looking at him today, you’d never know all he’s been through.” 

Quasi and Pongo Avery (great danes)

That transformation is heart-warming – for the danes and people, alike. 

“When I’m conducting interviews with potential adoptees, I hear a lot of stories about how a family has recently lost a dog, and they really want to fill that hole in their hearts,” she says. “It’s always rewarding to talk to them, and know that we can find the right fit for them.” 

To learn more about Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love, please visit their website. Follow all they’re up to on social media via their Facebook page and their Instagram @greatdanefriends.

Quasi and Pongo Great danes

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