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Alireza (Al) Yazdani, Ph.D.


Loughborugh University, Doctor of Philosophy, Applied & Computational Mathematics

Tehran Polytechnic, Master of Science, Mathematics

Tehran Polytechnic, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Rice University, Postdoctoral Researcher


Artificial Intelligence

Classical music & Chess



Dr. Alireza (Al) Yazdani is a Lead Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Professional with over 15 years of experience across the Banking, Finance, and Tech sectors.

He has held various R&D roles in the industry, including quantitative risk analyst in a retail bank, data scientist at a major credit card company, and machine learning engineer at a global asset management corporation as well as a Fintech startup in the US.

Al also has over 10 years of experience as a mentor and educator at both the graduate and undergraduate level in statistics, business analytics, data mining and computer programming. Some of his past and ongoing appointments include adjunct academic positions, private and group tutoring, and membership in the financial data science curriculum committees.

Al’s research interests and publications are focused on empirical data science and predictive modeling and their real world application in finance, engineering and industrial systems.

Alireza (Al) Yazdani, Ph.D.

Machine Learning Engineer, Beyond Limits and Financial Technology & Analytics Faculty

Wake Forest University

Machine Learning, Data Science, Fintech, Quantitative Risk