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Christina Wells


Marketing & Business Management, Virginia Tech



Christina Wells is Executive Vice President of RVO Health, a new company designed to make health & well-being easier to navigate. Christina is responsible for building and growing brands like Healthline, Healthgrades, and more. Her team of rockstars is focused on consumer insights, product and brand marketing, creative, and best-in-class consumer experiences that reach 1 of every 2 health consumers digitally.  Christina graduated with a degree in Marketing & Business Management from Virginia Tech. 

RVO Health, is a partnership between Red Ventures and UnitedHealth Group.  Christina has honed her skills over the last 11 years in digital marketing and recently moved from Head of Marketing of Red Ventures’ Financial Services group to this new venture, backed by an organization (Red Ventures) that has championed digital marketing.  Previously, she has worked internationally to set up Red Ventures’ first office abroad in Brazil – translating cultures and processes to build a successful international business venture. She returned to the states to build another RV start-up, a digital incubator, “Disrupt” which has led to the new launch, RVO Health. She is currently EVP of Marketing with her work encompassing an enterprise-wide scope.

Christina Wells

Executive Vice President

RVO Health