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Patricia Lynn Embree, MBA


Carlow University, Masters of Business Administration, Project Management

Robert Morris University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration


Healthcare Innovation, Human-Centered Design, Hiking & Skiing



Patty is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Innovation at Vincentian. She calls upon her 35+ years of healthcare experience in areas of nursing, leadership, IT, quality/process improvement, and patient-centered design to strategize impactful, innovative improvements that benefit organizational growth, staff and resident engagement and sustainable culture change. As one of the first VPs of Innovation in senior care, she has led Vincentian in reimagining senior care experiences through partnerships that build intergenerational communities and prioritizing intergenerational philosophies throughout strategic planning. Applying her business acumen, she has identified alternative revenue opportunities and implemented new business models and workstreams to support the operations of a senior care nonprofit in a post-COVID era. Patty has been a featured speaker at Leading Age, LeadingAgePA, AADNS, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement National and International Forums and The Beryl Institute Patient Experience (PX) Conference. Patty is six-sigma certified, has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences at Duquesne University, and is a current board member for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership on Aging (SWPPA).

Patricia Lynn Embree, MBA

Chief Operating Officer and VP, Innovation

Vincentian Collaborative System

Operations, Innovation, Data Management, Healthcare Analytics, Nursing