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Agile Leadership Certificate

12 total credits | average 9 months to complete

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Fall 2024

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Sharpen Your Agile Skills with Cutting-Edge Capabilities   

In today’s fast-paced world, employers are looking for employees who are agile. Expanding your technical knowledge while honing leadership skills puts you ahead of the curve and opens up a range of opportunities across industries. With an online Certificate in Agile Leadership from the Wake Forest University School of Professional Studies, you’ll acquire tools to position yourself as an agile project management leader in any organization.  

Since this program is 100% online, you are able to work through the courses at your own pace and immediately apply what you’re learning within the workplace.

Admissions Criteria

To enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Agile Leadership, a candidate must complete an application, in which they will submit:

  • A resume
  • A bachelor’s degree transcript from an accredited college or university*

Also, candidates must complete a virtual interview with a Student Success Manager. 

*An unofficial transcript is acceptable for admission; an official transcript is due by the start of the first course.

Project Management Career Prospects 

While Agile Project Management made its name in the world of software development, it has emerged as one of the most sought-after skills by employers — regardless of the industry. That means a world of opportunity is opening up for those with the right capabilities: 

  • 71% of companies use Agile approaches 
  • On average, a project manager who has received some type of project management professional (PMP) certificate is likely to earn 16% more than one who hasn’t
  • The global tally of project management-oriented employees is estimated to reach 102 million by 2030 

With a Graduate Certificate in Agile Leadership from Wake Forest University, you have the knowledge and implementation tools to emerge as an Agile project management leader within any organization.  

The People Behind the Program

To accelerate your career growth, reach your professional goals, and expand your network, we created the Project Management Programmatic Advisory Board (PAB) to bring knowledge from experts in the field into the classroom. These board members are committed to your academic excellence and keeping Wake Forest University  School of Professional Studies graduates industrycompetitive and globally impactful. 

Certificate Courses

There are 4 required online courses. 

There are 4 required online courses. Students must begin the program with PMP 730. Outside of this prerequisite, there is no prescribed order for the courses, and you may take them in the order that works for you when your selection is available.

  • Agile Fundamentals 

    Grasp the foundational concepts of Agile, an iterative approach to project management. This course is an introductory consideration of Scrum, including Scrum events and artifacts, the anatomy of a sprint, the roles of a Scrum Master and Scrum team members, as well as release planning.
  • Advanced Agile: Frameworks and Techniques 

    Continue building on the foundation established in the “Agile Fundamentals” course by placing an emphasis on building the practical skills necessary for leading agile projects in organizations. In addition, you’ll learn about continuous improvement through retrospectives, lean-agile thinking, and the use of agile metrics.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management 

    With an emphasis on the project management work environment, explore the determinants of successful negotiations. Learn a process-oriented approach with an emphasis on the practical application of proven frameworks and theories. In this course, you’ll learn about and explore the nature and common causes of conflict that can derail projects, gaining practical guidance for identifying and addressing the root causes of conflict.
  • Leadership & Change Management

    Explore the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to successfully undertake change. This course delves into the leadership principles, styles, frameworks, and skills required to guide, motivate, and direct teams. Learners will develop the ability to prepare, support, and assist individuals, teams, and organizations in organizational change.
  • Paying for your certificate

    There are several financial assistance options available for you to start this journey and see your career take off.

    The SPS Office of Financial Aid is here to help you navigate various funding resources through scholarship opportunities, employer reimbursement, the FAFSA, and more.