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Certificate in Digital Marketing

Executive Education | Open Enrollment

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Digital is the new normal accounting for almost 75% of total marketing spend.  In this certificate course, we will cover the fundamental principles and best practices in digital marketing strategy along with the tactics to be successful.  An emphasis is placed on marketing frameworks and concepts.  Faculty will examine cross-cultural awareness and the role ethnicity along with other demographic variables play in digital marketing.  Additionally, topics such as positioning, pricing, market research-derived segmentation and targeting, packaging, channel management, marketing communications, brand management, and marketing analytics will be explored in detail.

As outlined by faculty:

  • Test, learn, test more. 45,000 ad campaign adjustments per month is also the new normal.
  • Traditional marketing, TV, print, and radio should be used to augment digital, not as the foundation.
  • Change is accelerating. Become a student of change.
  • And remember, more than ever, your customer is in charge. Study them and deliver what they need in communications and in your products and services.

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Required Sessions and Capstone

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

    The foundation of marketing remains the customer. A relentless focus on our prime prospects and the prime prospects’ problems is a proven way to win
  • Situational Analysis – Business Discovery

    Digital marketing is a business function first, and we must understand the current conditions within our channels.
  • Situational Analysis – Digital Marketing Discovery

    Secondary marketing tools are now extremely powerful. We can now see our category with increasing clarity, including competitive advertising and pricing.
  • The Marketing Mix (Part 2)

    In this session you will consider the range of pricing strategies and identify the one that best fits with your brand or company.
  • Digital Marketing Research

    Primary research of this type allows us to answer the critical question that, when done right, leads to changing business insights.
  • Digital Strategy – Brand

    Armed with insights from marketing research, we’re ready to get to work. How do these insights impact how we think about our brand? How can we maximize our brand’s opportunities? What should we not do?
  • Digital Strategy – Marketing

    Online marketing is becoming more and more critical every day. Yet in most categories, more than 70% of sales happen at brick-and-mortar stores. We’ll leverage the four-part process to ensure our messages resonate with our targets where they are in the purchasing process.
  • Capstone Pitch

    The capstone pitch project combines all the concepts learned in the course into one professional presentation.
  • Certificate Objectives and Expected Outcomes:

    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Evaluate a business’s current marketing situation.
    • Identify current and potential target audiences.
    • Leverage brand strategies and marketing tactics to reach target audiences.
    • Create an effective plan and deliver a successful and memorable presentation.

    Capstone Pitch

    The capstone pitch project combines all the concepts learned in the course into one professional presentation. Participants will complete a presentation on an actual brand (or internal business challenge) and will use real data. Additionally, the faculty will provide feedback on your pitch. The purpose of this assignment is to help practice the skills learned throughout the course.

    “The WFU marketing program provides the right balance of philosophies and practicum by a professor who’s actively driving growth and profitability for name-brand clients. Professor King cuts through the overused buzzwords and shiny veneer of the marketing world to teach effective, data-driven marketing for students who want to truly understand marketing and excel in their careers. ”

    — Phillip Oakley, Certificate Recipient, 2022

    Additional Information

    • Dates, Location, Schedule

      The Certificate in Digital Marketing will be offered in seven live sessions combined with asynchronous work over the course of two months. Future dates for this course are TBD.

      1. Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
      2. Session 2: Situational Analysis – Business Discovery
      3. Session 3: Situational Analysis – Digital Marketing Discovery
      4. Session 4: Digital Marketing Research
      5. Session 5: Digital Strategy – Brand
      6. Session 6: Digital Strategy – Marketing
      7. Session 7: The Digital Plan and the Pitch
      8. Capstone Pitch

    • Cost

      Certificate in Digital Marketing – Cost for future sessions of this course are TBD.

    • Materials

      Course materials are included in the cost of tuition. Course materials will be distributed electronically in advance of the program start date. Participants must have a laptop or tablet computer to access course materials.

    • Refund and Cancellation Policies

      Program Cancellation

      This course is offered contingent upon sufficient enrollment. If a course must be canceled, all registered participants will be notified at least five (5) calendar days before the course’s start date. All registered participants will receive a 100% tuition refund. No fees will be charged for canceled courses.


      Individual Cancellation – Refund Policy

      Prospective participants who withdraw at least 10 days prior to the start of a course will receive a full refund of tuition paid.

    • Contact Us

      For more information, or to speak with a program adviser, please send an email to

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