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“Through this program, I have a chance to embark on a dream.” : What Medical Technologist Angelia Futrell is Learning in Her Project Management Masters Program

Wake Forest Online Project Management student Angelia Futrell

Angelia Futrell is a Medical Technologist with over 30 years of professional experience across disciplines including (but not limited to) Hematology, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Serology, and Phlebotomy. She is also a graduate student, pursuing a Masters in Project Management with Wake Forest University School of Professional Studies. 

Here are seven things she’s learned so far.  

Learning a new side of creativity – and workflow
“Being able to create power points, charts and graphs has empowered me to keep track in an entirely new way with daily workflow,” she says. Another important skill learned through the Project Management program? Upleveled computer skills. 

This program teaches technical lessons – and life lessons.
“I have an inner strength and focus along with determination to get things done,” she remarks. “Also, when opportunity knocks it’s okay to be nervous but do not allow fear to keep you from striving.” 

Professors with book knowledge and real life experience make a difference.
For Futrell, Wake SPS professors have been tremendously supportive and responsive. They also bring an epic skill set that’s empowering students. “Our professors’ vast knowledge and real world experiences have come forth and merged for impact – they’re providing me a wealth of knowledge that will support me in my career,” she says. “To add to that power, the energy and enthusiasm make learning interesting.”

Pursuing a program that allows her to keep pace at work.
Before enrolling in the Wake SPS’s Project Management Masters program, Futrell explored programs – but she felt that she would have to stop working or work only part-time. “This program specially allows me to work around my professional schedule and still be able to retain the information that is given and required to obtain a Masters,” she shares. “The idea of being able to go work and go to school was a must for me – and Wake SPS makes that possible.”  

A whole new appreciation for 360 degrees. 

In October 2022 Futrell attended Wake360 – the Wake SPS immersive weekend experience with both learning and networking opportunities. She shares that it was a wonderful and engaging experience where she was able to meet and connect to people who have an interest in helping her and others achieve their goals. “Wake360 gave me a glimpse of what a career path in Project Management would like, “she notes. “And because of those who had the vision and the will to serve others, it has turned it into a real 360 in my heart – I walked away feeling blessed for those at Wake SPS who cared enough to help.” 

There’s opportunity on the other side of education.
“To meet and surround myself with new people and to look forward to being able to start a new career has become incredibly inspiring,” she notes. “Through this program, I have a chance to embark on a dream.”

Futrell shares that she thought seriously about her career path 25 years ago. She started thinking about it again recently. “I believe that when you have dreams and goals and keep your faith and strive towards doing the work that is set before you, an opportunity will come. Go ahead, dive in, and invest in yourself. It is never too late.”

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