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The Student Experience

About the SPS Student Experience

Wake Forest University lives our school’s motto of Pro Humanitate in all we do. This, along with the SPS vision, mission, and highly-relational approach set the foundation of the SPS Student Experience. 

We are motivated to:

  • meet the needs of adult learners by providing affordable, high-quality degree and non-degree programs in a variety of modes; 
  • understand and provide support for the unique needs and lived experiences of working professionals all without compromising academic integrity; 
  • connect leading-edge professional practices and market-relevant programming in alignment with the broader Wake Forest University mission and institutional values. 

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What Student Support Looks Like


A Student Success Manager is assigned to each student to be that guide by the side throughout the entire SPS journey. They serve as an advisor and provide access to a variety of resources – from academic integrity to time management tips. 

Support is also provided by campus colleagues in the Center for Learning, Access, and Student Success (CLASS) for students interested in academic coaching on topics such as time management, executive skills and strategies for test anxiety. Additionally, CLASS supports access for all students through implementation of accommodations for disabilities that impact academic environments. 

There are times when support is best provided by taking a break. Students may need to take a break from coursework for a mini session (7.5 week courses) or a full semester. SPS offers support during a continuous enrollment period, permitting students to return to their coursework when ready without having to jump through administrative hoops to access the course management system and email. 

Finally, support needs to be offered at times convenient to the adult learner and also from someone other than SSMs and faculty. 

The Pearl Cafe offers 24/7 resources and also encourages peer-to-peer, alumni to student, and program advisory board members to student connections and knowledge sharing.

More about the Pearl Cafe

The Pearl Cafe is a virtual, one-stop-shop within Canvas where SPS students, alumni, and program advisory board members can connect, learn from one another, and build community. It also is a place where students can access academic, wellbeing, technical, administrative, and career resources throughout their entire SPS journey.

Why “The Pearl” Cafe?

By 2024, Wake’s School of Medicine will live on the Wake Forest Charlotte campus located in the Pearl Innovation District in an area of Charlotte formerly known as Brooklyn; “a city within a city” where thriving African American businesses, faith communities and families lived, worked and played.  As urban renewal overtook this area, families were displaced and more than 200 businesses and 12 churches were destroyed.

One landmark that remains from the Brooklyn area is Pearl Street Park, the first African American park in Charlotte that continues to be a well-loved gathering place. Naming our virtual gathering site, rich with resources, the Pearl Cafe is a nod to this important Charlotte history that speaks to the importance of our collaboration the Charlotte community.