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The Student Experience

Congratulations! Roughy 14% of Americans hold a graduate or professional degree and you’re well on your way to joining the few. We’re glad you chose us for your next academic journey and now that you’re a Deac, it’s time to take some important first steps!

First and foremost, our goals in providing you with the best student experience are to:

  • meet the needs of adult learners by providing affordable, high-quality degree and non-degree programs in modalities that best serves the needs of the adult learner; 
  • understand and provide support for the unique needs and lived experiences of working professionals all without compromising academic integrity; 
  • connect leading-edge professional practices and market-relevant programming in alignment with the broader Wake Forest University mission and institutional values. 

The School of Professional Studies lives our university’s motto of Pro Humanitate in all we do. This, along with the SPS vision, mission, and highly-relational approach set the foundation of the SPS Student Experience.

Chose your student status below for important next steps:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Asynchronous?

    Asynchronous learning means that the instructor and the students in the course all engage with the course content at different times (and from different locations). The instructor provides students with a sequence of units which the students move through as their schedules permit.

  • What is the course structure?

    Courses are offered fully online and are asynchronous. There is an live interactive session offered weekly so students can engage with one another and with the faculty member. 

  • How long is each course?

    Our mini sessions (or terms) are 7.5 weeks long and courses are offered in each mini. Each semester consists of 2 mini sessions.

  • What is a part-time course load and what is a full-time course load?

     Part-time in SPS is defined at 3 credits (1 course) and full-time is defined as 6 or more credits. Every course at SPS is 3 credits.

  • How many courses can I take in a mini term?

    We have structured our courses so students can take one course at a time; this is especially important for students balancing full-time employment. We do permit students to take a maximum of two courses in 1 mini term (i.e. 6 credits over a 7.5 week period). While taking more than two courses in one semester may seem appealing, these online accelerated courses can be difficult to manage, especially while working full-time. In addition, taking more than one course in a mini session could cause conflicts in your weekly live sessions (i.e. they could be offered on the same day and time). 

  • How long does it take to finish the program?

    Students can complete a masters program in less than two years and the graduate certificate can be completed in 6 months. If a student takes 1 course per mini without interruption the time to complete is 5-6 semesters. However, we find our adult learners often need flexibility and take a mini term off as needed for work, family, or other commitments. 

  • How flexible is the program?

    We understand the needs of adult learners and have built flexibility into our core values as a school.This means that students can skip a mini session or semester if needed and can work with their Student Success Manager to plan out their course schedule around their other commitments. In addition, our curriculum is not lock-step so once you return, you pick up where you left off. 

  • What is the best way to communicate with peers, faculty, and staff?

    Communication within Canvas or using your Wake Forest email is strongly encouraged. Communications from the university, the school, and your program will be sent to your Wake Forest email account. Please check it once a day and please send communications to staff and faculty from within Canvas or from your Wake Forest email.