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Tuition Rates

Wake Forest University’s School of Professional Studies is committed to making your education attainable and affordable. We are committed to no student fees, transparent tuition rates, and the freedom to buy or rent your textbooks from wherever you prefer.

Academic Year 2023-2024*

Total cost of tuition for Master’s Degree in Project Management, Digital Marketing, Health Informatics, Financial Technology and Analytics, and Communications: $36,510 (30 credit hour programs).

Total cost of tuition for Masters of Health Administration degree: $42,812 (36 credit hours)

Total cost of tuition for Master’s of Curriculum and Instruction and Master’s in Education Leadership: $35,510 (30 credit hours)

Full-time enrollment is based on 6 credit hours per semester.

Part-time enrollment is based on 3 credit hours per semester.

Total cost of tuition for Graduate Certificates: $14,604 (12 credit hour certificates)

*Please note: Academic Year 2023-2024 tuition rates are $1217 per credit hour. Students should plan for a 3-4% increase year over year.

Cost of Attendance: Academic Year 2023-2024
Direct Costs:
Tuition Deposit: $500 (nonrefundable and the amount minus processing fee is credited to first semester tuition bill)
Cost per Credit Hour: $1,217
Semester Tuition: (6 credit hours) $7,302
Academic Year Tuition: (15 credit hours) $21,906
Indirect Costs: (not paid to Wake Forest)*
Average Loan Fee $515
Housing (Rent & Utilities) $19,200
Meals $5,400
Books & Supplies $900
Personal Expenses $3,600
Transportation $3,720
Total $32,820
Total Cost of Attendance: $54,726

*These estimated costs are used to calculate the “total cost of attendance” during the program. This amount is used to determine a student’s maximum federal and/or private loan amount. We understand that as working professionals who most likely live and work in the area already, these are not additional expenses, but rather expenses that can be included as you determine your loan borrowing needs.

Additional Information

  1. Tuition is reviewed annually each spring and subject to a 3% to 5% increase.
  2. Health insurance is required by the University for all students and offered as an option for those needing coverage. Please visit edu/sip to see insurance rates for your age band. Dependent coverage is available.
  3. Living expense estimates are based on reasonable cost of living analysis and do not consider existing consumer debt. A student’s total financial aid offer cannot total more than the total Cost of Attendance.
  4. If applicable, Federal loan fees include 1.057% Federal Unsubsidized Loan origination fee and a 4.228% Grad PLUS Loan origination fee.

Adjustments to Cost of Attendance

In limited circumstances, the School of Professional Studies (SPS), Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts may approve an increase to the Cost of Attendance (COA). Examples of expenses that may be approved include dependent care expenses, unexpected medical bills or disability-related expenses, and one-time computer purchases. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and documentation is required. To request an individual review, please contact the SPS Director of Financial Aid & Student Accounts at

Contact Us

For any additional questions, please contact the WFU School of Professional Studies, Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts at