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Social Media & Influencer Marketing Strategist Shares Her Journey to SPS – and the Lessons She’s Already Putting Into Action

In her first semester in Wake Forest’s SPS Digital Marketing Masters Program, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Strategist Brianna Briggs shares her thoughts on how she found her Master’s program and what she’s learned so far.

Brianna Briggs, Wake Forest SPS student sitting with her head propped on her hand. By Brianna Briggs

When I began my career in social media marketing, I felt very “green”. I was fresh and new at my job which is what you’d expect for someone starting in an entry-level position. 

However, at the time, I was three years out of my undergraduate studies; I felt behind in life. Looking back now, I could’ve given myself more grace, but I appreciate that feeling then because it helped to fuel the grit and tenacity that got me to where I am now. 

After a year at my job, I was exceeding performance goals and metrics. Yet, I still felt there was more I could learn and more I could offer if given the right tools. I began my search for higher-learning opportunities. I wasn’t exactly quite sure what I was looking for: an MBA, or a  Marketing Masters program? I searched, but none of those programs felt quite aligned with what I wanted to do. 

Then, one day the TikTok algorithm did what it does best – it served me a video from @vibewithaleh’s page breaking down the careers you can pursue with your master’s in digital marketing. 

I started extensive research for digital marketing master’s programs – researching schools, looking at curriculums, watching reviews from students. There were only a few schools offering the program. One of those programs – Wake Forest University’s School of Professional Studies. 

I was intrigued by the prestige of Wake Forest. And I already knew several successful people who received their graduate degrees from Wake Forest. I looked at the curriculum and realized that not only did the program offer classes focused on advancing my knowledge in paid digital marketing tools, marketing analytics and research methods, but also addressed leadership skills, storytelling, and ecommerce marketing. These were the exact skills and tools that I was looking to advance in to help me in my current position and for career growth.  

I recently completed my first semester in Wake Forest SPS’s Digital Marketing Master’s program. I already feel more confident as a marketer and more comfortable with leading strategies in my work today. One of the most critical lessons came in the first two classes. Our professor, Ged King, honed in immediately to make sure we understood the Four-Part Process: The Prime Prospect, The Prime Prospect’s Problem, Know the Brand and Break the Boredom Barrier. I’m already using this process in my daily work – using data and insights to make smart decisions in how we market to our target audience, leveraging consumer research, and respecting the art and science of focus groups. These are lessons that are impacting my relationships with customers.  

Learning in Ged’s class has been incredibly valuable for several reasons. First, his content; secondly, he practices what he preaches – he’s a working expert in this field. He is able to give us real insight into how his business has made successful marketing campaigns using the processes he teaches.  

For anyone seriously thinking about starting grad school, if the curriculum is right for you and the program feels valuable for your career, I say go for it. It won’t be easy – working full-time and doing assignments – but it’s manageable and attainable if you really want to do it. There’s so much potential. 

Forbes recently released the top five most in-demand tech skills for jobs in 2023. Digital marketing made the list. I’m eager to continue learning at Wake SPS and the future opportunities in a promising field that will only continue to grow. For the first time in my career, I feel ahead of the curve. And I’m excited.  


Brianna Briggs is a first-year student in Wake Forest SPS’s Digital Marketing Master’s Program; she is an experienced social media and influencer marketing strategist with a background in social media strategy, influencer marketing, and content creation. She holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of South Carolina.