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The Power in Showing Up for Yourself: How Jody Johnson Is Prioritizing Her Dreams in Grad School

Working in healthcare for the last 25 years, Jody Johnson knows what it means to take care of others. She shows up for patients everyday as a CT Technologist at Novant Health. But now, Jody is showing up for herself by pursuing her Masters in Health Informatics with Wake Forest University School of Professional Studies. Wake Forest Online Student Jody Johnson

Here are 5 ways the program has transformed her life–professionally and personally. 

Finding her post-pandemic calling.

Throughout her career, Jody has not seen anything impact healthcare the way COVID-19 did. “We just kept pushing through for these last three years,” she says. Unlike some of her co-workers who left the field entirely, Jody decided it was time to double down and find a way to truly transform patient care. This led her to pursuing a masters degree in the healthcare industry.

Connecting with her people.

The Masters in Health Informatics is 100% online, but Jody still immediately made personable connections with like-minded people. She described it as, “Even though no one knew each other, it’s like we knew each other. We all have the same goal to transition out of direct patient care and help patients in a different way using health informatics.” This aspect of the program continues to drive her excitement to show up for classes. 

Implementing new tactics at work.    

Right out the gate, the program gave Jody practical strategies to use. Many of her patients deal with back/shoulder issues, and class discussions sparked an idea: “We should implement a safety committee at work where we can practice better mechanics for moving patients.” Now, this idea is coming to life. Jody admits, “I don’t think that I would’ve thought of that unless I had been exposed to the program.”

Feeling excited about learning.
Previously, Jody considered pursuing a degree in a different area of healthcare. But the curriculum and coursework didn’t excite her like health informatics does. Now, she shows up ready and filled with a fire to learn: “I feel like a kid right now, like a sponge, and I’m just absorbing everything.” 

Loving herself enough to prioritize her dream.
Jody felt that light within to want to better her life, education, and career. No matter her age or circumstance, she knew it was time to pursue this next level of education. But too often Jody sees women put themselves on the back burner, instead prioritizing the care of others. By pursuing this degree, she hopes to break that stigma: “I feel like sometimes you just have to step out and say, ‘Hey, this is what I want to do.’ You have to have that voice. Don’t let anyone take your voice away from you.”

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