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Certificate in Project Management

12 total credits | average 9 months to complete

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4 courses

Fall 2024

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Work Smarter and Elevate Your Expertise 

Project management is the lifeline of any organization. Developing the skills of a project manager opens up the door to new opportunities in your career. With an online Certificate in Project Management from Wake Forest University, you’ll acquire the knowledge needed to stand out and effectively lead projects at any organization. 

Whether you are early in your career or looking to pivot to project management in the near future, this online program equips you with the tools to start off strong.

Admission Criteria

To enroll in the graduate Certificate in Project Management a candidate must complete an online application, in which they will submit:  

  • A resume 
  • A bachelor’s degree transcript from an accredited college or university* 

Also, candidates must complete a virtual or written interview with a Student Success Manager. 

*An unofficial transcript is acceptable for admission; an official transcript is due by the start of the first course. 

Career Prospects and Outcomes

The need for project managers continues to grow:

  • By 2027 employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.
  • 89% of organizations now have at least one project management office.
  • On average, a PM who’s received a project management professional (PMP) certificate of some form will make 22% more money than a PM who hasn’t been certified.

As job opportunities continue to arise, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management gives you not only the skills to succeed but the competitive edge to secure the job or promotion.

The People Behind the Program

To accelerate your career growth, reach your professional goals, and expand your network, we created the Project Management Programmatic Advisory Board (PAB) to bring knowledge from experts in the field into the classroom. These board members are committed to your academic excellence and keeping Wake Forest University  School of Professional Studies graduates industrycompetitive and globally impactful. 

Certificate Courses

There are 4 required online courses. 

Students must begin the PM program with PM 710-Project Management Essentials. Outside of pre-requisites, there is no prescribed order for the courses, you may take them in the order that works for you when your selection is available.

  • Project Management Essentials

    This course introduces the foundational concepts of project management. It provides an overview of the PM lifecycle as defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Several PM knowledge areas such as risk, scope, schedule, quality, monitoring, and communication, among others, will be introduced. Distinctions between project, program, and portfolio management are explored.
  • Mastering the Project Life Cycle 

    The course pursues a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the different phases of a project from initiation to closure, with an emphasis on the myriad of factors that contribute to successful project management (PM) throughout the life cycle. Students will leave with a set of best practices for effective PM in setup, planning and execution.
  • Agile Fundamentals 

    Grasp the foundational concepts of Agile, an iterative approach to project management. This course is an introductory consideration of Scrum, including Scrum events and artifacts, the anatomy of a sprint, the roles of a Scrum Master and Scrum team members, as well as release planning.
  • Leadership & Change Management

    Explore the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to successfully undertake change. This course delves into the leadership principles, styles, frameworks, and skills required to guide, motivate, and direct teams. Learners will develop the ability to prepare, support, and assist individuals, teams, and organizations in organizational change.
  • Paying for your certificate

    SPS is in the process of getting the online Certificate in Project Management approved for Financial Aid.

    There are several financial assistance options available for you to start this journey and see your career take off.

    The SPS Office of Financial Aid is here to help you navigate various funding resources through scholarship opportunities, employer reimbursement, the FAFSA, and more.

    *Please note: Academic Year 2022-2023 tuition rates are $1167 per credit hour. Students should plan for a 3-4% increase of AY 2023-2024