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An Executive Education Workshop: Who, What, When, Where, How

Learning is essential to any professional or personal development.

It’s the avenue that allows you to uplevel your current skill set, add new tools to your toolbox, and reach the next milestone in your career. 

At Wake Forest University, the Executive Education team offers professionals a highly personal educational experience that addresses real-world issues. To support today’s workforce, we’ve designed our workshops and courses for an active and experiential learning environment.

Learn more about how these workshops are structured, what you expect when you attend one, and where to sign up for upcoming programs.  

Who Are Executive Education Workshops For? 

Our programs are for anyone who has the desire for professional learning and development. We offer workshops and courses in marketing, data analytics, finance, leadership, innovation, and strategy. Anyone interested in these areas is welcome to attend, as our programs are industry and position agnostic. 

Who Facilitates Executive Education Programs?

People learn best from others who have experience and have “walked the walk.” That is why our programs are led by faculty who have extensive research, teaching, and leadership experience, as well as their own specialties within business from finance to marketing.

This on the job expertise contributes to the coordinating, planning, and facilitating of all of our workshops and courses to produce a professionally designed and high-level experience.

“Executive education helps better equip managers and executives for the challenges of today’s always-evolving business environment,” said Roger Beahm, Professor of Practice in Marketing.

What to Expect at an Executive Education Workshop

Our faculty focuses on experiential learning to engage students in the content and make a more lasting impact.  

Some of the common instructional techniques our faculty use include:

  • Simulations
  • Case Study and problem analysis
  • Job-specific projects
  • Team competitions
  • 360-degree feedback sessions
  • Role playing
  • Coaching 

These techniques can be found in all workshops, regardless of the format. Even in online settings, our instructors ask participants to turn on their cameras and actively engage. They often use Zoom features, such as breakout rooms, to help encourage participation.  

Across all programs, you can also expect to spend time not only learning but connecting with your fellow participants. 

“Peer-to-peer sharing in our sessions provides participants with an opportunity to hear from others on the front lines just what’s working and what isn’t right now,” explained Roger. 

For JoElla VanderDoes, this networking was a key part of the overall experience.

“Through social learning and class discussion, I gained perspective from stories shared by  leaders working in a variety of settings,” JoElla says. “Engaging with other leaders in a face-to-face setting to collaborate, problem solve, and share experiences is an enriching way to connect  and build your network.” 

JoElla, AVP of Learning and Performance at Allegacy Federal Credit Union, received her Certificate in Leadership from the Wake Forest Executive Education department in 2022. 

How Are Executive Education Programs Structured? 

There are two types of program offerings: custom engagements and open enrollment. 

Custom engagement is a way to offer a specialized professional development experience to your organization. Each one we design is unique based on your company’s strategic business challenges and talent development needs. Programs can vary from half-day topic-based engagements to multi-week immersions. It can also include on-going learning partnerships. 

For example, Wake’s Executive Education team has collaborated with Syngenta to offer the Syngenta Business Institute for the last 15 years. This innovative professional business development program for golf course superintendents is an annual event which has evolved over time to adapt to the needs of attendees and the industry. 

“The Syngenta Business Institute is arguably the best continuing education program I have attended,” said Eric Feldhusen, who attended the program when he was the superintendent of the Mountain Gate Country Club in Los Angeles, CA. “It was a learning experience that will allow me to grow as a leader for my maintenance team and club. The educators and hosts were first-class and the opportunity to network with fellow superintendents is always an added bonus.”

The other option is our  open enrollment programs. These bring together professionals from various industries and organizations to enhance their professional skills in a particular area. Course length ranges from one day to a full week with certain short course curriculums resulting in non-degree certificates.  

Executive Education open enrollment programs focus on specific niches within the business world, but some common topics include:  

  • Project management
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Data analytics
  • Innovation

Across all programs, regardless of the topic, content is structured to provide actionable insights.

For one leadership course, one participant noted, “A lot of times with leadership training you get a lot of intangibles, vague, non-specific information. With this course, I was able to walk away with tangible guidance and actions to apply to real world situations that I am faced with.”

Where Are Executive Education Workshops Held? 

Custom engagement opportunities will take place either in-person at your organization’s office, or location of choice, but they can also be held virtually. 

Open enrollment workshops are held in one of the following places:

  • Online via Zoom
  • Wake Forest Charlotte Center in Charlotte, NC
  • Various locations in Winston-Salem, NC 

No matter the location, facilitators work to keep learners engaged by adapting course content and delivery to the modality. As one online workshop participant noted in their feedback, “The content and pacing were excellent for two half-days. The week between classes with homework worked well for me.”

When Are Executive Education Workshops?

We hold open enrollment programs throughout the year to offer you numerous opportunities to increase your professional development in a short period of time and better support your organization/

Here are a few of our upcoming programs:

Leading Effective Change (August 16th):

  • In-person in Winston-Salem, NC
  • 8:00 am to 4:15 pm (breakfast & lunch included in workshop tuition) 
  • Qualifying course for the Certificate in Leadership

Learn more and register by August 8th


Project Management Essentials for Working Professionals (September 6th)

  • In-person in Winston-Salem, NC
  • 8:00 am to 4:15 pm (breakfast & lunch included in workshop tuition) 
  • Not intended as a preparation for the PMP certification but as an introduction to project management concepts and best practices

Learn more and register by August 29th. 


Analytics for Leaders (starting September 19th)

  • Four online sessions (September 19th, September 23rd, September 25th, October 1st)
  • All sessions are 1-4 pm ET
  • This course was featured by Fortune magazine as “one of ten science and business analytics courses that should be on every executive’s radar.”

Learn more and register by September 25th. 


Healthcare Innovation and the Emerging Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) (September 20th)

  • In-person in Winston-Salem, NC
  • 8:00 am to 4:15 pm (breakfast & lunch included in workshop tuition) 
  • Participants will have the hands-on opportunity to apply this innovation framework to evaluate ideas drawn from their own organizations or sourced from concepts created by AI startup ventures.

Learn more and register by September 5th. 

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