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Certificate in Leadership

Non-Credit Certificate | Open Enrollment

Navigating a pandemic, managing inflationary pressures, mitigating supply chain challenges, and recruiting/retaining talent — the expectations for leaders have never been greater.   Effective leaders know their value lies not only in managing teams, but inspiring others, developing purposeful and achievable goals, and creating a culture of personal and performance excellence.

The Certificate in Leadership is comprised of several one-day workshops designed to provide tools founded in theory and proven in practice to lead from a place of authenticity and confidence.  By completing four (4) of the six (6) available leadership open enrollment programs, participants will earn a Certificate in Leadership from Wake Forest Executive Education and the Allegacy Center for Leadership and Character at the School of Business.  This is an opportunity for immersion in topics of key personal interest and professional development, ultimately serving as recognition for the commitment to advancing your career.

Join us as we introduce proven tools to enhance leader performance, refine fundamental skills, and address various leadership challenges being faced in your organization!

Offered Courses

  • Authentic and Effective Leadership

    Employee engagement studies, conducted by Gallup, consistently show on average in the U.S. only 33% of workers are highly engaged. Results from these studies find that authentic, inspirational leaders who provide their people a sense of purpose, invest time in developing their people, and approach leadership from a “coach” perspective versus a directive top-down boss, greatly enhance employee engagement and team performance. Thus, the key to high team performance and employee engagement is authentic and effective leadership.
  • Building and Leading Effective Teams

    Effective teams spur innovation, facilitate adaptation, and ensure efficient functioning in almost all organizations. Teams that are led effectively have greater cohesion, employee engagement, and creativity which result in superior performance and satisfaction. Learning how to build, lead, and sustain effective teams provides leaders and organizations with a competitive advantage.
  • Leading Effective Change

    To stay relevant, teams and organizations must continuously change and adapt to their ever evolving internal and external environments. This makes it imperative leaders understand and possess the skills to effectively lead change. Furthermore, it is also important that leaders know how to shape a learning culture to facilitate continuous adaptation and improvement. Leaders who can effectively lead change gain a competitive advantage for their teams and organizations.
  • Leading People Who Are Different From You

    In today’s global economy, organizations are continuously becoming more diverse. This broadening diversification of organization members includes cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, age, gender, and sexual orientation. Thus, it is imperative people managers understand how to effectively lead individuals who are different from them. Leaders who can bring an array of diverse individuals together and form a cohesive team aligned on common goals, purpose, and values will gain a competitive advantage.
  • Executive Decision Making

    Making decisions in a dynamic fast-paced business environment is a challenge for most employees. Decision making and problem solving skills become critical when moving into leadership roles in order to drive business growth. Leaders with a developed system for effective decision making are best equipped to lead their teams through times of uncertainty.
  • Enterprise Leadership

    Enterprise Leadership entails specific skills and a mindset focused on leading the organization at scale, cross-functionally, and with a holistic firm-wide perspective that brings the firm in line with its external operating environment.
  • Certificate Objectives and Expected Outcomes:

    • Strengthen your skills as a people manager and effective decision maker
    • Identify, leverage, and adapt proven leadership principles to organizational challenges
    • Enhance personal and organizational communication and build a foundation for a common leadership language
    • Engage and learn with other program participants from a variety of industries, backgrounds, and roles
    • Develop a shared level of trust at all levels of an organization
    • Strategies to shape a learning culture to better engage and retain talent
    • Tools to help an organization embrace and lead change

    “Wake Forest University Executive Education’s Certificate in Leadership program gave me the background and practice to better lead situations I face in my current role. The program is well organized – research is presented, discussion is held, and finally, role plays are executed to gain experience. The content is well structured and designed to cover a variety of situations in which (your) leadership is essential. Dr. Sweeney is very thoughtful and engaging, which made the program both enjoyable and practical. ”

    — David Kaiser, Certificate in Leadership Recipient, 2021

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